Mark Bentley, PA

Government Lobbying / Contracts

Many of our clients seek changes to legislation to facilitate, or improve regulations governing their particular industry, such as amendments to zoning codes, comprehensive plans and other land development regulations. Our firm has established a strong, positive reputation in the community and as a result, has developed excellent relationships with a variety of local governments and officials. Our firm’s history and credibility provides us with the opportunity to discuss the needs and concerns that our clients may have with the legislative and administrative decision makers, and effect their desired change.

Our clients oftentimes seek contracts with governmental entities, such as counties, cities, school boards, aviation, sports, and port authorities, which generally require approval by the government’s legislative body or directors. This process typically requires the submittal of a response to request for qualifications, or response to requests for proposal, resulting in an evaluation and selection by the governmental entity. Our firm has successfully assisted numerous clients in maneuvering through the often times tedious bureaucratic maze, by assisting them in the submittal and the presentation of their applications to the ultimate decision makers.

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