Mark Bentley, PA

Government Regulatory Analysis

Prior to purchasing vacant or improved property, property or a business, a high degree of investigation and scrutiny must be utilized in evaluating the suitability of the property. This is important in order to determine whether a property meets our client’s demands and expectations, whether as a buyer, seller or lessee. This exercise requires an analysis of all laws and regulations that would govern a property’s use and development. And in the event additional approvals are required to provide for its development, confirmation as to what approvals would be needed, their respective costs, and timeframes to obtain the approvals. Once our client has this information, he is then in a position to make a well educated and reasoned decision concerning the proposed transaction, and what should be done to minimize or eliminate any risk factors.

Our firm has for several years guided our clients in evaluating the various governmental rules and regulations that control the use of property. Our experience and knowledge has provided our clients with facts and information that are critical in making an important business decision.

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